Pregnancy update : 25 weeks

This week has been all about paperwork and resting !
I am now 25 weeks pregnant. Baby is measuring about 34cm and is the size of a papaya. Her hands are fully developed !

I have been pretty tired lately so I took my Thursday and Friday off of work to rest and to have all my paperwork done. Did I tell you how I hate paperwork ? Ah…

On Friday,  I had my first physiotherapist’s appointment for my back pain. It was really nice. I got a good (and painful) massage, I had some exercises on the birthing ball and we did some stretchings. She told me I would have to see her twice a week now and this until I give birth because my back is in pretty bad condition. She said if I don’t stretch and everything I could be stuck in bed, motionless, in 2 weeks. SCARY.
So I will basically see her on Wednesdays (mostly) to have some massages and do stretchings, and on Fridays I’ll get a 1½ hour of balneotherapy where she’ll make me do some movements in water…Etc. I’ll give you details about that when I’ll have more. The doctor is pretty young (in her 30s) and she’s really nice and calm.

I bought a birthing ball to be able to exercise a little bit at home. I found mine at Decathlon for 6,95€, affordable. I also had to get a new swimsuit for the balneotherapy because my breast is so big it won’t fit in my old swimsuits anymore. I got this one.

Talking about my boobs, they have been leaking colostrum like crazy lately. Weird feeling for a new mommy to be ah.

I still have contractions frequently and I think the magnesium the Doctor gave me is not really doing something.

No new stretch marks or linea negra to be discussed. Thank God.

We (FINALLY) received the wooden chest of drawers we ordered from Ikea, we’re 100% happy with it. I’ll show you that in my Nursery Tour post. Excitiiiing.

See you next week !