Pregnancy update : 29 weeks

Pregnancy update : 29 weeks

This week have been so bad !
Baby is the size of a butternut squash and is still loving to kick my ribs with her feet, to my great despair.

I’m on sick leave for a week and a half. I had an appointment on Tuesday to check if everything was doing fine because I’ve had intense contractions for quite a while. The doctor said the contractions are starting to modify my cervix and that it’ll be better for me to stay at home, in a bed. It may lead to delivering early so that’s I’m doing. Resting. But I’m so not ready to deliver right now, like no. I will have these baby in June. Not earlier. I hope…

I’m still doing my balneotherapy classes but I don’t really know if it helps considering the fact that my back is still hurting sooo bad.

I gained 6kgs so far but I feel like I gained 30 because I feel heavy !

We’re still buying the little things that are missing. Talking about that, we bought a cute little sleeping bag. It was on sale so it was a pretty good deal. I love it. SO CUTE, RIGHT ?

We bought diapers. Guys, this must have been the moment I told myself (and my husband) « I think we are going to be parents, crazy right? ». You really start to realize this kind of things when you go through this kind of tasks. Buying diapers, lotions…Etc. Time to realize that in 2,5 months, we’ll be holding our little daughter.

With the weather going better, I start to retain water in my legs. I got a pair of compression stockings to avoid my leg to be as big as poles. I think this is taking me right in the top 10 of sexiest women of the galaxy, right?

To finish on a positive note (I told you it was a bad week, trust me now), my first stretch mark appeared just above my (outie) bellybutton. So damn ugly. I just keep looking at it and measuring it to see if it grows. Ugh. My husband is a little bit annoyed with my new passion. I keep oiling my belly like crazy to help keeping it small.

See you next week !