Pregnancy update : 30 weeks

Pregnancy update : 30 weeks

In two months and a few days, our baby girl will be there ! CRAZY.
She’s the size of a big squash and weights about 1,3kg.

I was still on sick leave this week and had to rest as much as I could, so that is basically what I did. I got a lot of rest and work on some blog posts and projects I have. I still have A LOT of contractions but when I rest, it’s getting better. I just can’t walk without having contractions. Tiring.

So I went to the Doctor again to see if everything was okay and she said « you’re not going back to work with that much contractions ». Okay, so I guess it means it’s not better. She said I must rest again and again until the 3rd of May where I’ll get an other appointment to see if my cervix has progressed or not.

I took advantage of it and started to seriously clean my baby’s nursery, I hope I’ll finish it before my mom arrives.

My co-inhabitant might become a wrestler, at least she’s training a lot in there. Day and night.
Talking about night, sleeping has become hard. I wake up to pee every 2 hours, I can’t find a good position to sleep. I wake up as tired as I was the day before. NICE RIGHT.
Fortunately, when my husband is sleeping, NOTHING can wake him up because I am just moving a lot and standing up, walking and drinking. Yeah, that’s how annoying I am.

My appointment with the anesthesiologist, I’m pretty scared, I don’t know why.

My belly skin is suffering. A LOT. Despite all the love I showed it. It is driving me mad.
My bellybutton stretch mark hasn’t grow but I see some very little ones coming around. I KNOW that’s how it is, you can’t choose, blah blah, but I am UPSET.

See you next week !