Pregnancy update : 31 weeks

Pregnancy update : 31 weeks

Another week comes to an end. As some said before, when you reach the 30th week, it’s all going downhill, aaah.
Baby is about 1,5kg and is still moving a lot. I wont talk to you about the feet under my ribs again, you get the point.

This week has been a little more calm. I’m still resting a lot as my Dr suggested and I’m still going to the physiotherapist.

I got my first appointment with my midwife, she is very very talkative but she’s pretty nice. I asked my husband to come with me because I felt reassured to have him here. Next appointment will be on Monday.

I still have a good dozen of contractions per day, anything new at this point.

I’m now +6,8kg. I’m happy with that and would like to keep the score under 9kg because my back is driving me crazy. I feel like a grandma, I can’t get off of the bed alone without the help of my beloved husband.

See you next week !