Pregnancy update : 33 weeks

Pregnancy update : 33 weeks

We’re getting closer to the due date, I’m so excited !
Baby continues to grow at her pace in here and she’s learning kick boxing with my ribs. CUTE but please STOP.

I felt a little more energized this week so I took advantage of it to enjoy the summer weather we’ve had this past week.

I bought all the products I’ll need for my little Pumpkin, I’ll do a post on it. Should be online next week. If I don’t procrastinate it. I will probably. But trust me, I try my best.

I often sit in my beautiful Ikea rocking chair in the nursery and I tell myself that I can’t wait for her to be there, in her little crib. 5 weeks is long when you’re so impatient. The weather starts to be very hot right here and my legs are so heavy. I just need to kiss her little face. CAN’T WAIT.

My back ? Still the same, my physio is my savior. When I don’t see her I’m in pain most of the time. But it is coming to an end !

I took +7,2kg which is perfect to me. BUT, my belly has exploded. Stretch marks all around my belly button. I am so done with that. If you know any kind of magic that could help please comment !

Nothing really interesting this week so I’ll see you next week !