L'Entracte - Lyon 7ème, France

L'Entracte - Lyon 7ème, France

We got in this restaurant because it was Saturday night, I didn’t want to cook and it is 1 minute away from our house.

It is located in André Bollier street, a tiny quiet street. If you don’t know it’s here, you’ll never come into this tiny street to find somewhere to eat. Unless, like us, you live just nearby.

The restaurant is tiny but the tables are not too tight. It is clean. There was only one family dining when we arrived at 8:30pm. We got a seat and had a look at the menu.

There is only three main courses, good point, it might be fresh food. There is A LOT of starters and tapas on the menu (Pan con tomate, samoussa, plantain banana fries…Etc) and a few not so extraordinary desserts.

I decide to go for a the 14,90€ menu which includes a starter and a main course. My husband chooses the same.

The waiter come to take our order. I ask for the plantain banana fries but he tells me that they don’t have it today. So I just ask for the beef samoussas. My husband went for cod fish cakes.

And there starts the loooongest wait ever. After a good 15 minutes, the waiter comes back and tell me that unfortunatly, there is no beef samoussa today too but I can have chicken ones if it’s okay. I am hungry, so chicken one will be okay.

We waited for almost an hour before our starters arrived while there was only one family eating there. Way too long.

The cod fish cakes finally came cold. You wait an hour and you are served cold dish ? Seriously. I was pissed.

My samoussas were hot BUT they were overcooked and hard as rock. The stuffing was pretty good but man, that dough was hard.
Starters were served with some greens and a tomato sauce, really yummy.

For the main course, I got the yassa chicken which is an african dish of chicken in a lemon sauce. I never tasted it before so I don’t really know if it was well done but it was really good.

My husband got the mafé beef, which is beef in a peanut butter sauce. It was also very good, the meat was tender. And the plates were hot.

Our menu didn’t call for dessert so we skipped that but we weren’t full at all. The portions are kinda tiny.

The waiter was a little bit too relaxed to me, he said things that made us ill-at-ease at some point.

Conclusion, I don’t think I’ll go back there. Prices are not too high but regarding the quality and the quantity, there are a lot of other restaurants out there that are way better.

Address :

123 rue André Bollier
69007 Lyon
+33 (0)4 78 69 58 41