Roadtrip #1 : Innsbruck, Autriche (Day 2)

La vue au réveil, plutôt cool

What we saw from our window

For this second and last day in Innsbruck, I was motivated and wanted to make the most out of my day. I got up at 6:30 with a beautiful and warm sun shining and I went out for a good walk while my husband was still asleep. The view from our windows was wonderful. I could get use to that… Really.

Then I got back to the hotel and we had a good breakfast/brunch thing with a lot of bread, cheese and ham. AS YOU CAN SEE. We were so full that we didn’t even eat lunch this day. I had a cranberry tea and that was the best thing ever.

Petit déjeuner typique

Typical breakfast here

Then we packed our stuff for the day and went to explore the city. While we were walking to the city center, we found a little super cute market.

Fromage artisanaux

homemade cheeses


First stop of the day, the Ferdinandeum tyrolian museum. That museum is big ! There is a ton of things to see, like an old musical instruments exhibitions or a lot of paintings.



Les claviers


After the museum, we visited the imperial garden. Apparently, gigantic chess game is a discipline right there.

Jeux d'échecs géants

Very concentrated man playing chess

This garden was very nice to make a pause during the day, pretty and relaxing.

Jardins impériaux

Imperial garden

Around 3pm, I wanted to eat something cold because the sun was shining and we were really hot. We made a stop at an ice cream shop and got ourself a big old bowl of Spaghettis ice cream with vanilla ice cream, chocolat and bananas. That was delicious. We also got a pistachio scoop and a tiramisu scoop. YUMMY.

Address :

Amraser-See-Str 56a,
Innsbruck 6020, Autriche

Spaghetti au chocolat

Vanilla spaghettis

We saw a lot of street artists, as we did the day before, including this woman painted in silver who didn’t move for hours. Must be a tough job I guess.

La femme argentée

The silver painted woman

Then we decided to go up in the mountain to see the panoramic view of Innsbruck. We went up till the little red flag on the above map but you can get much higher (we wish we would have done it buuuut it is pricy, I tell you).

Carte des montagnes

Mountains map

To go to Hungerburg, you take some sort of a train/underground that climb the mountain for a good 10 minutes.

Le métro/train

Trainy thing

La montée à pic

We go up !

When you reach Hungerburg, you can see a little Austrian house. It is a bar/restaurant. I admit we had a beer there.

Chalet autrichien

Austrian house

And now onto the panoramic view… Breathtaking.

Innsbruck vu d'Hungerburg

Innsbruck from Hungerburg

Innsbruck vu d'Hungerburg

Innsbruck from Hungerburg

Then, I went in a local supermarket to do some grocery shopping. I got some nice things such as this sausage, the taste was clearly strong, not what we are used to in France. But delicious !

Saucisson autrichien

Austrian sausage

Then, diner time was here. The group wanted to eat a pizza. I was not absolutely content with that. Why would you come to Austria to eat pizza ? BUT we were a team and I had to sacrifice my need for more sausage for a pizza. Yeah.

Anyway, what we ate was delicious and really generous in quantity. Mine was a goat cheese/ spinach pizza and my husband got the pepperoni/chili/bellpepper one. I think it was like 10€.

Pizza épinard-chèvre

Spinach and goat cheese pizza

With that, I drank an Apfelschorle (which became my favorite drink ever and I miss it so much), it is a fizzy apple juice with almost no sugar. Perfect.

Pizza pepperoni-piment-poivron

Pepperoni/chili/bell pepper pizza

With our tummies full, we returned to the hotel to sleep. The next day, we woke up at 7am to drive the 500kms that separated us from Vienna.

Next time, I take you to Vienna with me!



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