Baby update : 1 month

Baby update : 1 month

Our sweet little girl isn’t that little anymore (well yes she is but she’s growing faaast). She is now 52cm and 3,700kg.

I could spend my days staring at her while she sleeps, she makes the cutest faces I swear. I love every bit of her. I kiss her head to toe.

She is having hard time with gas and poop. She is crying all night because it hurts and we can do nothing but wait. It is a newborn thing, it will get better in a month or two, hopefully sooner.

She fits into her newborn clothes finally, they were too large for her little body before. She got newborn acne all over her cheeks, it is so sad. And kinda disgusting.

Nights are a little bit less chaotics than they were. She sleeps for 3 hours stretch. But she can’t go back to sleep after eating, sometimes she’ll stay awake for 2 hours ! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I get crazy. I’m tired. But it is better. I’m glad I’m pumping my milk and I’m giving to her with bottles. We got the Dodie bottles and they’re great.

Sometimes she’ll sleep in her crib, sometimes in ours. WHEREVER WE CAN GET HER TO SLEEP. I wasn’t all into getting her in our bed but when she cried for 2hours non-stop, I indulged.

We have a heat wave here. 42°C. YEAH so you forgot about the baby carrier because too much sweat isn’t cool. Stroller for the win, for now.

See you next month !