Zinc Zinc Café Baptiste, Lyon 2ème, FRANCE

Zinc Zinc Café Baptiste, Lyon 2ème, FRANCE

I’ve been wanting to go to Zinc Zinc for a while now without ever pushing the door. It is on the second floor of the Confluence mall in Lyon. I did now and it did not really disappoint.

We sat on the very pleasant terrace, it was colder than inside because the restaurant apparently got not air conditioning.

I pleased myself with the weekly menu for 24,50€ (starter, main course + dessert).

As a starter, I got a melon salad with serrano ham. It was refreshing and good. The melon was sweet and there was a lot of ham, which is good.

My husband got the melon soup with serrano kabob (10,50€). The kabob was ridiculously small as you can tell but the soup was good, it was very refreshing and sweet.

Now onto main courses. We didn’t wait a long time betweet starters and mains which is very nice.

In the menu : Veal sauteed provencal style, homemade potato mash. The meat was sooo tender and delicious. The mash was a little bit pasty, like very dense but it was good. Unfortunately, the dish had not a lot of sauce, so I had hard time finishing my mash. It was a generous plate.

My husband got the duck magret with honey sauce, potatoes and green beans (18,50€). The meat was cooked to perfection and the potatoes were good. Very small amount of sauce in the plate too.

As a dessert, I went for a caramelised pineapple with a raspberry mousse BUUUT the waitress made a mistake and she got this dessert to someone else (who ate it, even though he ordered something else… ???!!!) and it was the last one. So I had to change my mind which was very disappointing, I was angry. I finally got a gingerbread tiramisu. The mascarpone thing was delicious but the gingerbread was very bitter and not good, I bet the coffee was too strong for my taste. TOO BAD.

My husband got french toasts with salted butter caramel. It was a little bit dry but the vanilla icecream balanced it. It was good.

I would say that we had a nice evening in a nice restaurant, on a nice terrace with a nice menu BUUUUT the negative point was the waitress. She didn’t know what was on the menu, she gave people dishes that they didn’t ordered. She even spilled a plate. I don’t know if she was new to this or if she is just not made for this job but it gives a very bad impression.

We will go back with great pleasure if we have the chance to (and if they change the waitress ;).