Baby update : 3 months


Luyana is three months old yet. She weighs 5,560kg and is 59cm.

This little girl is a smily girl. She smiles a whole lot and doesn’t cry a lot. She is nice and calm. And a very talkative baby, she loves to talk to the ceiling. Yeah, I know.

She falls asleep almost everywhere and noises are not a problem for her. If she needs to sleep, she sleeps. We made two 8hours train trip this week and she has been so so good. She slept a lot and talked to other passengers. She met her grandma and aunties, she was happy to get held by everyone. So cute to watch.

I am still pumping my milk to give her bottles. She drinks about 5 bottles of 110ml per day and sleeps from 10pm to 7am most of the time. Since she sleeps through the night, I get a lot more of energy and I get to enjoy the beautiful weather and my friends.

She doesn’t want to hold toys in her hands yet but you put her on the floor, she’ll crawl like an earthworm.

We’re flying to the Reunion Island at the end of the month for three weeks with my in-law family. I AM NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS. I fear my smily supply will decrease with the changes but I hope it won’t. We’ll see. If you have any advice on long trip/travel with little wee babies please feel free to comment because I surely need it !

See you next month !