Starting baby on solid food, the exact science

You read that title and said aloud « that girl is lame. Every child is different!!! ». They do. I know that. BUT everyone wants to convince you otherwise. If it works for their children, it’ll work for yours. Don’t get close minded, mother.

Sorry but no. If it was that simple we would have at least 6 kiddos yet and we’ll be happy, not so confused, not so tired mothers. There is a hundred of ways to start your baby on solid food : BLW (Baby led weaning, for you, newbies), purees, soups…ETC. (There is a legend saying that in Canada, they start solid with meat, crazy ? No.)

I am not going to teach you how to start your bub on solids because FIRST I know nothing of that, I just go with the flow and TWO it just makes me mad to read some blogger writing about that like there is ONE way to do it and that is how they did it.

The most important advice I can give you here young (or not) Mother. YOU know what is good for your baby. If something goes wrong, you will notice (in the diaper, seriously though) and you’ll learn from your mistakes (my mistake was broccoli. NEVER AGAIN. In fact I’ll do it again but I just wait until the sheets forget about this massive blow out. 3 times in a row. YES.).

If you started solid before 6 months, you are not a terrible mother, you did what felt right for you at that time. Whatever people can tell, trust yourself and be confident.

« Are you starting her on solid yet?? » – « It’s too smooth, she’ll never learn to eat chunks of food!!! » – « You didn’t wait the 6 months mark??! » – « Sweet potato for a 6 months old????!!! »

Well, yeah, you’ll sure encounter some very well meaning people that will call you crazy. But do what YOU want. It is your choice.

And just for you, a clip of my Pumpking eating (delightfully) a piece of clementine. (WHAT? This girl is crazy!!)

See you!