Roadtrip #1 : Praha, Czech Republic

Roadtrip #1 : Praha, Czech Republic

After spending a few days in Austria, we spent two days and a night in Praha. We enjoyed our hotel and the hot tub.

I loveeeed Praha. It is such a cute city. There is a lot of things to see and do, the wall are covered with drawings, paintings or carvings, at night, the streets are full of artists, singer, musicians…Etc. It was a ton of fun.

I love visiting the markets when I’m abroad. Well, even in France…

All those yummy cheeses…

Before arriving in Praha, we drove a lot of miles and when we finally crossed the border, we found a little grocery store where we bought a few things to eat.

Some mushroom and ham paté. Texture wise, it was weird but the taste was not that bad.

Some dried pineapples !

Some lunch meat.

This tasted a lot like beef jerky except it was pork. One was paprika flavored and the others was seasoned with herbs. It was good but wayyyy salty. I don’t know how people eat those but we ate it on its own (maybe that is why it was very salty?). If someone knows….

Some Milka chocolates I’ve never seen or tried before (needless to say it was THE bomb).

« Funny Dady », a Frozen Yogurt store with tons of different flavors (peach, lemon, vanilla…Etc.)

A  mango/blueberries/apricot/vanilla FroYo topped with white chocolate chips, watermelon and strawberries.

Now, let me tell you a quite funny story. Czech republic is great and it is pretty cheap. When you’re not used to those prices, it can be tricky…

This restaurant was the cutest. The offered a little spread of rillettes to put on some salty pastries while they were preparing our orders.

Just so you know in Praha (and in some of the other countries we’ve been to) you have to pay for your cutlery. It is not expensive (we paid 120CK/4,44€ for 8 people) but they add to your bill, sometimes you also pay for the bread you eat (which is not the case in France) and they ask you if you want to tip.

Anyway… When you look at the menu, the prices are average 8-10€. I’m surprised. My husband ordered this little casserole. It was a pork, onions, bell peppers and cabbage cooked in beer with some french fries (you pay an extra 40CK/1,48€).

My turn… I look at the menu, I see some roasted duck for 8€. I’m thrilled. The waitress arrives with A QUARTER OF A DUCK ON A PLATE. I was shocked beyond words ahah. I don’t think it is supposed to be for one person??? The photo doesn’t make it justice, it was huge. My husband helped me finishing it, of course.

Needless to precise we didn’t order desserts???… WE WERE FULL.

I’ll see you very soon in Poland!