Baby update : 8 months


It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on my baby girl, here is a quick update because quite a few things have changed.

She’s crawling! She sits up on her own (it’s been over a month now). She pulls herself up by holding furnitures, she fell a few times and it has been the scariest thing ever hearing her little head knocking on the floor. Heart attack.

She naps 3 times a day. A short nap in the morning and two big naps at noon and at 4 pm. She goes to bed a 8pm but falls asleep around 8:30pm.

She eats a complete solid food meal for lunch, for dinner we kinda giver her a few pieces of what we are eating and then she drinks her milk. I don’t have a clue of her weight right now but she is a chubby one I can tell. Her rolls are killing me.


Still no tooth to be seen but poor thing, it hurts her so bad. Her gum has been red, swollen and irritated for over a month now but no tooth. She is crying all day, all night, everyday. She refuses to be put down, she will start screaming her guts out (and choke if I don’t take her fast enough). It is a hard time for me… I am exhausted. I try to help her, I know it hurts but then again… I have no patience as I am so very tired. It is too much to bear.

She doesn’t sleep good, she wakes up an average of 10 times a night, screaming and crying. Sometimes because she needs soothing, sometimes because she is ready to party at 3am. I am so done with this period, I pray it goes fast and we go through that.

I booked an appointment mi-february to a Mind, body and soul doctor to see if she can do something about it. I kinda feel like she is anxious at night and she has a real separation anxiety. Homeopathy didn’t help, we tried it all.

I want my smiling and good sleeping baby back. I am SO DESPERATE right now.

I hope next time I’ll write a post like that, I’ll tell you some good news. Until then…