Now that you sleep


If you’ve read my other posts in the baby section of this blog, then you know that my baby girl Luyana wasn’t sleeping at night anymore after we went for a month long vacation in Reunion Island to visit family.

I called my mother crying, threatening to come and live at her house again to get some more sleep, I cried hours, I got mad, I prayed to sleep more than 2 hours at night. I was desperate.

Of course, we tried everything we thought of… Homeopathy, bedtime routine, explaining to her…etc. Nothing ever worked. She could wake 12 times a night. My life was built around her nap times where I could finally lay in bed, incapable of sleeping, not cleaning my house, living in a dirty flat. I had no strength left.

Then, a few days ago, we introduced her to cow’s milk in her morning and evening bottles. She loved it. And that very night, she slept for 10 hours. The next day, she slept through the night too. I started thinking about it… When we were on vacation my milk supply disappeared entirely (probably because of the stress induced by traveling) so we started giving her artificial milk.

What if this brand of artificial milk was the problem? I think it is. Since she drinks cow’s milk (a week now), it is getting better. She doesn’t sleep through the night every time but she wakes up once or twice sometimes. I can breathe again. The heaviness of the fatigue I felt has been lifted from my shoulders.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t think that the brand we were using could be the problem before! It is the only thing we didn’t try, changing the brand of artificial milk. So if your baby doesn’t sleep and you have tried it all but not this one, definitely do. It might not work but if it does, you’ll feel so renewed and refreshed. Sleep is so very important. For her and for me.

Now I sleep, I clean my house. I even got time to write this post. I feel like my life is back and I am not even exaggerating.