How I feed my family of 3 for less than 40€ a week


Today, I decided to write a different post than what I’m used to. But when I lack of inspiration to find meal ideas I scroll blogs and pinterest to find some easy, cheap and kinda healthy meals to prep. So I decided I might as well put that in here too in case someone is interested. I feed my family of 3 for less than 40€ a week. Let me know how much you spend for yours and how many people do you feed!

For breakfast, my husband prefers savory so this week I decided to get a lot of eggs and call that breakfasts. We’ll have scrambled eggs, omelettes, boiled eggs or sunny side up with vegetables (spinach, pepper…). We don’t always eat eggs, I also have some cereals in my pantry but it lasts more than a week so it was difficult to include it here. My daughter is one year old, she is either eating cereals or eggs and a bottle of milk.

For lunch, I’m alone with my girl. My husband eats at work. I generally eat leftovers if there are some or I make a quick salad or sandwich with whatever is in the fridge. My daughter eats some (mostly frozen) vegetables (such as peas, green beans…etc) with deli meat or tuna and a piece of fruit.

Afternoon snack is usually fruits (and/or a yogurt)! Or I’ll bake something.

Now for dinner, you’ll find everything detailed below. The grocery list include everything I used to make breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 7 days! I generally leave a day or two where I don’t really plan because we could be eating outside or be invited to a friend’s house. If we happen to stay home, I’ll make something out of everything that is left in the fridge : a quiche or a stir fry usually does the trick.

If you have a larger family, adapt the quantity of food on the list! But keep in mind that most recipes I make serve 4.


Grocery list :

Chicken breasts (x4) : 4,79€
Eggs x30 : 2,96€
Salmon (400g) : 4,00€
Canned tuna : 1,05€
Avocados x6 : 3,54€
Tomatoes x4 : 1,00€
Cucumber : 0,80€
Red bell pepper : 0,63€
Broccolis (900g) : 2,63€
Spinach (350g) : 1,03€
Mushrooms (250g) : 0,97€
Frozen green beans (1kg) : 1,03€
Bananas (1kg) : 1,71€
Watermelon (1,3kg) : 2,17€
Apricots (300g) : 0,83€
Greek yogurt x4 : 0,87€
Sushi rice (1kg) : 0,84€
Rice (1kg) : 1,99€
Baguette : 0,69€
Nori sheets : 1,60€
TOTAL : 35,13€

Monday : Thaï green curry (recipe)
I put 2 chicken breasts and I changed the vegetables to what I had on hand : 150g spinach, a red bell pepper, an onion, an eggplant (leftover from last week) and 150g mushrooms. Served with basmati rice. This recipe serves 4 so I had two lunches left with that.

Tuesday : Tuna salad
Tuna, cucumber, 2 tomatoes, avocado, dressing and bread.

Wednesday : Pasta with chicken and mushroom sauce
2 chicken breasts cooked in a little bit of olive oil, mushrooms, a greek yogurt, salt, pepper and pasta. I serve that with steamed broccolis. Simple and easy!

Thursday : Omelets and vegetables stir fry
A 2-eggs omelet per person served with stir fried spinach, broccolis, tomatoes and green beans. I fry it with garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

Friday : Salmon sushis and makis
I made makis with salmon, avocados and cucumber.

Saturday : Pizza takeout

Sunday : Eggs + green beans and tomatoes with parsley.
To finish up what’s left.

There you go! An entire week of eating (pretty clean) for less than 40€. Let me know what you guys think!