Eat your way through Toulon, France


There it is : a few places to get your tummy full in Toulon, sweet, savory, everything you need is in this post!


I talked about it here, the local speciality is the cade (2,5€) so it was impossible for me to pass the firewood stand on the cours Lafayette’s market without stopping to grab a piece.


For 5€, eat a typical french breakfast at la Tulipe noire (81 quai de la sinse, near the haven).


If you want to cool down a little bit, eat a delicious ice-cream at Fred (404 rue Jean Jaurès). Pictured : passion fruit and blackberry. One word : wowsers.


Facing the sea, eat an aïoli (a french speciality of fish with different sides and a very strong garlic-y sauce to dip everything in) for 12€.


A fish parillada : different fishes cooked on the plancha. Here salmon, shrimps, mussels, tilapia and red mullet (12,5€).
These two dishes are from the same restaurant which is Le France (304 avenue de la République, near the haven). No changing tables for our babies but they have high chairs.

There was a lot of other things to eat but 2 days are gone really really fast!