A weekend in Nîmes, France


We spent a weekend in Nîmes in July as you probably saw on Instagram. We stayed 4 days in a AirBnb but it was a little bit too much for what’s to visit in here, 3 days would have been perfect. Here are some of the main things to see. For things to eat, please see my post here.


Arenas of Nîmes Roman architecture is a very important part of Nîmes so you HAVE to visit the 3 monuments using the 12€ pass. You have access to the Magne tower, la maison carré and the arenas.

[![La maison carré](http://content.content.travel-and-food.com/content/images/2016/07/maison-carré-1024x683.jpg)](http://travel-and-food.com/2016/08/nimes-en-un-week-end/maison-carre/)La maison carré

[![La tour Magne](http://content.content.travel-and-food.com/content/images/2016/07/TourMagne-1024x683.jpg)](http://travel-and-food.com/2016/08/nimes-en-un-week-end/tourmagne/)La tour Magne

Before (or after) visiting la tour Magne, take time to visit the garden of the fountain. It is a beautiful garden, you can access the Diane’s temple freely.

[![La fontaine du jardin](http://content.content.travel-and-food.com/content/images/2016/07/jardindelafontaine-1024x683.jpg)](http://travel-and-food.com/2016/08/nimes-en-un-week-end/jardindelafontaine/)La fontaine du jardin

[![Le temple de Diane](http://content.content.travel-and-food.com/content/images/2016/07/templedediane-1024x683.jpg)](http://travel-and-food.com/2016/08/nimes-en-un-week-end/templedediane/)Le temple de Diane

The city center is absolutely gorgeous and car-free so it is really nice to walk there. Look up and find all the bulls hidden (or not so hidden) in the decor.


There are a lot of beautiful littles places in Nîmes, wander and see for yourself. I really love the place du chapitre, it is gorgeous and calm, awesome place to rest your feet.

[![Place du chapitre](http://content.content.travel-and-food.com/content/images/2016/07/placeduchapitre-1024x683.jpg)](http://travel-and-food.com/2016/08/nimes-en-un-week-end/placeduchapitre/)Place du chapitre

The train station is also magic. The tourists office is on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, get there to grab a map of the city.


We spent an afternoon at the pont du gard. It was wonderful, really jaw-dropping. You can visit the bridge but also museums, exhibitions and there is a PERFECT place for kids. It is huge, tons of activities for them and also informative for the parents. You’ll love it and I highly recommend it.


Take your swimsuits and go for a little swim!


Please share other ideas or good spots you have in the comment section! 🙂

See you very soon for some more adventures!