Chez Yvonne, Strasbourg, France


We were invited in this restaurant for dinner on Saturday. A lot of famous people came here before and you can see all of them on the stairs’ walls. I read a lot of good things about this place on the Internet and was eager to see it for myself!

We were taken to the 1st floor, the decoration is pretty typical and cute (look at those chairs!), you’re immediately at east and feel at home. No high chair was offered for our baby but we were on a table with benches so we worked with that (repeating 12 zillions times « sit on your bum, please », as usual).


I started with a crémant d’alsace, a sparkly white wine deliciously addictive. Seriously, I could have drink a whole bottle but you know… Balance! My husband drank a beer and was very pleased. The waitress brought us head terrine (Presskopf) to snack on.


I read everywhere that the goose foie gras was a MUST try so I ordered that! It did not disappoint, smooth as butter, tasty, salty. Oh so good.


My husband ordered a munster filled pastry. WHAT? Yes. Served with a well seasoned salad. It was crazy, oozing cheese in flaky dough. So good.


My husband ordered cockerel in Riesling wine and I, of course, ate with him. It was served with spätzle. The meat was tender, tasty, the sauce goes really well with the spätzle and the mushroom were so good.


I ordered the choucroute. Basically sauerkraut with different meat. It was the best I’ve ever had and I’m not even kidding. The sauerkraut had a delicate taste, it was tangy and a little sweet. It was a gigantic plate ! Everything was just perfect. And if you read my restaurants’ reviews in the past, you know I’m not always that nice because if it’s good I tell it but if it’s bad I tell it too!


I still had room for dessert. I had a kougelhopf ice-cream with gewürztraminer marc. It looked good! But my fairly newbie palate was not thrilled. The alcohol was so so strong. The ice cream makes it a little better but really too strong for me!


Then my husband had a parfait with kirch (cherry alcohol), it was nice, sweet and not too strong!


I’d really recommend this restaurant if you want to try some local food. You eat well, it is not too pricey and the waitresses are the nicest, a big hit!

Where is it?
10 Rue du Sanglier
67000 Strasbourg