5 things to see in Strasbourg, France


Here is a quick list of places we saw and things we did while in Strasbourg last month that I recommend you check out. There is a lot more but my time is very restrained with a teething toddler on my lap all day, leave a comment if you have any question or suggestion I’ll be more than happy to chat with y’all!

La Petite France


Take a stroll through that part of the town, it is full of beautiful traditional houses, flowers and.. tourists. Amazing but a little crowded. Be careful, the restaurants tends to be pricier here and not a lot better than elsewhere. We ate at Le Thomasien : fair prices and good food.


I have a whole lot of houses photos because this is just the cutest. It just feels like you’re in a little village. I loved it.

Boat cruise


We had Strasbourg Pass that offered us a free boat cruise so we did. Two things : the audioguide is super interesting and the things you see along the way are cool, you even see the parliament. BUT it is FULL of people, little to no space, hot hot hot temperature and the organization was overall not that great.

Pick a boat with an anti UV roof, we did and were glad! The sun hit full force.


The botanical garden


We walked there and it is quite a distance from the city center but if you’re looking for a little greenery and a peaceful walk, this place is definitely what you want. It is beautiful and the greenhouse amazing. We saw quite a few critters : frogs, birds, squirrels, my daughter loved it.


**Le palais Rohan **


Coolest architecture and you can visit the 3 museums that are hidden on the inside. We went with the decorative arts museum, it was interesting but I don’t recommend it if you have kids aged 1-5. Nothing can be touched even the chairs in the hallway, hard to contain the little fingers or bums that want to touch/sit on everything.


The cathedral


Wonderful and absolutely gigantic, we can see it from almost everywhere in the city. We didn’t get to see the inside as it was always a long line of people waiting to go in but we saw it lightened at night, it was magical.
Walk in the tiny street toward the cathedral, lots of cute shops and restaurants!


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See you very soon for an adventure abroad…! Can’t wait to tell you more about that. EXCITING!