3 dips platter + how to master appetizer boards

3 dips platter + how to master appetizer boards

What is a good appetizer board to you? To me, it needs 3 key elements! Something spreadable or a dip (here the 3 sauces), some crunch (bread, gressini, crackers…etc) and some freshness (vegetables and olives for my plate). Everything else is cool too but I need these 3 to have a balanced platter.

Spreadable or dips ? Millions of choices there are : cheeses, sauces, pâtés, hummus…Etc. Three is a good number to please everyone’s taste.
If I were to use cheese, I would do a blue cheese, a hard, a soft and spreadable cheese!

Variety of colors and textures is key to have an appealing platter. Get some different crackers, breads, flavored, plain…Etc. Here I used plain tortilla chips, sesame gressinis, bread and cheesy twists.

Freshness is brought with carrots and cucumbers sticks, a few cajou nut and anchovy stuffed olives. You can do all kind of raw vegetables : tomatoes, cauliflower, salad…etc. With cheese or pâté I would have done tomatoes and salad instead of cucumber.

I shot a little video of the behind the scenes for that platter. That’s so fun! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more of that.

Here are the recipes for the 3 sauces I used in my platter, give it a taste!

Hummus (3-4 servings) :

The recipe is here a few posts back.

Beet hummus (3-4 servings) :

Follow the recipe for the regular hummus above and add half a roasted and pureed beet.

Tzaziki (4-6 servings) :

  • 200g greek yogurt
  • 1,5 cucumbers
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 citron
  • 1 càs d’aneth
  • 3 gousses d’ail
  • Sel et poivre

Dans un mixeur, ajoutez le yaourt, 1 concombre pelé (gardez l’autre moitié), l’huile, l’ail épluché, le citron, l’aneth et le sel et poivre. Mixez jusqu’à obtenir un mélange liquide sans morceaux.

Coupez finement le concombre et incorporez le à la préparation. Mettez au frais au moins deux heures avant de déguster.