SidØlivier, Lyon 7ème, France

SidØlivier, Lyon 7ème, France

SidØlivier is a small restaurant kinda lost in the rue de Gerland. You just pass by without really noticing it… and you’re wrong. We had a really good time there and I’m gonna show you what we ate.

The lady owner is warm, smiling and overall nice. Always a plus in my books. Olivier is the chef, the kitchen is open so you can see him cooking when you come in the restaurant.

We started with drinks : we both got kirs. Mine was raspberry and his was peach, our daughter  got a juice. It came with a side of tapenade and toasted bread. A side note here : there is no « kid menu » on the menu but we were offered a drink + meal + dessert for 10€ for her anyway.

Our waiter was an apprentice, very shy and not well assured but we’ve all been there once, learning the hard way so it didn’t bothered us.

Starter for me was a Fall salad. A nice crispy filo sheet with endives, duck magret, apples, tomatoes and walnuts. Very good and refreshing!

My husband got the St Marcellin (a nice smelly cheese) egg cocotte. Strongly cheesy but good! 2 eggs in there, filling too.

Main dish was a cod filet with tapenade, a creamy risotto and green beans. The first bite was deceiving, full of ridges! But the rest of it was better, I think they must forgot to take those off.

My husband got duck confit with potatoes and salad. It was delicious! The only weird thing was that the salad came with no sauce at all? Kinda not normal I guess. But the duck was well cooked!

My daughter got a burger patty with pasta. Kids will be kids.

That was my dessert… A chocolate lava cake to die for! With vanilla ice cream. Rich and creamy, I loved it.

His dessert was a chestnut mousse, light and airy it was very subtile.

I’d definitely recommend you try it if you’re in the area. It was good and affordable.

*Address : *
68 Rue de Gerland
*69007 Lyon *