Lyon Bière Festival 2018

Lyon Bière Festival 2018

A few weeks ago I was at this beer festival in my city, a huge festival gathering independent breweries from a lot of countries and some food trucks. Here is a little tour of what I liked, tried or saw!

The flamingo beer from Hoppy Road, une bière bien acide à l’hibiscus et au citron vert. C’était assez frais mais pas ma préférée du lot! Cela dit les packagings sont très sympa et les personnes sur le stand aussi!

Let’s talk about those gorgeously colorful packaging from Bières de la Plaine! I didn’t have the chance to try it but I loved the designs and colors.

Organic beer! I tried the Sakura, which I LOVED. Light and bubbly, so good. It is from the BAM brewery. I also tried the Tatou (in my husband’s glass) and it was also very delicate and subtil.

But my favorite discovery in this festival was Slim Pickens, he brought his music and his incredible fruits ciders. I tried the pineapple cider and that was so delicious. Like the perfect summer drink, tangy and refreshing. They also make banana and raspberry ciders : WHAT.

Here is my girl jamming to some US music…

And because it was very tempting, we also ate quite a lot. This delicious french fries cone is from L’usine à patates it was everything fries should be and moooore.

Wine goes well with cheese but have you tried beer? I DID. So good. I ate a wild garlic comté sandwich and fell in love… Thanks Fromagerie BOF.

Well, I also shared a hot dog that was damn good with my husband but didn’t snap a picture… It was from Tripopote.

People were really nice (and probably a little drunk, that’s why), brewers from different countries really trying to help me understand the process and differences between beers.

So that was a non exhaustive list of what I liked!

I might be back next year…