4 places to eat for 7€ or less in Porto, Portugal

4 places to eat for 7€ or less in Porto, Portugal

Here is a quick list of good cheap eats in Porto to eat for less than 7€. Let me give you a few tips before we start :

  • Here in France, water is often free. It is not the case in Portugal, you’ll pay for bottled water if you want to drink.
  • If the waiter bring some tapas as appetizers that you have not ordered and you eat it, you’ll pay for it. Refuse politely when the waiter comes with the tapas, he is used to it.
  • You’ll pay for the bread too most of the time.
  • Portuguese don’t necessarily tip, so you do you on that one.

Imperio das sandes

Pass this one if you want something healthy. But Francesinha is typically portuguese and pretty cheap here, so you might want to try it anyway. It is basically a grilled cheese with 3 types of meat and drowned in gravy. 6,90€ for the francesinha + fries + drink. Good deal + it is in a small mall in the city center, it’ll be nice if you’re wandering around Porto in summer. The owner talks a little bit english. At the end of the food court, there is a nice playing area for kids.

Taberna Santo António

5 euros for the main dish of the day but you have to earn it! It is in a small street where the road is pretty steep but it is beautiful up there. This day there was a veal stew serves with rice, fries and salad (1st picture) or a pork cutlets served with baked potatoes (2nd picture). Portions are generous but it is packed all the time. Get there early (or late!). If there is too much people, the owner will put you on a waiting list while you can drink a cold beer just in front of the restaurant. The owner speaks a lot of languages !

Tia aninhas

6€ for the menu of the day including soup + main + drink + coffee, a great great deal! It is far from the center but it is worth it. Grilled fishes or meat. Full of locals. English is spoken a little bit.

Café avenida

3,90€ for the dish of the day, hard to beat! It is simple food but so delicious. The waiter spoke a little bit of english but we understood each other pretty quickly. It is near the Lui I bridge.

Last but not least, because it is a little over 7€ but it is an all-you-can-eat, soooo…

Tokyo Sushi

I forgot to take pictures of the buffet but man… SO many different types of sushis, makis… At least 30 kinds. + noodles, pork stew… For 7,50€, it is a GOOD deal! Where would you eat fresher fish than here in Porto? So delicious.

I’m working on a post with our travel pictures… Stay tuned!