Greek inspired flatbreads

Greek inspired flatbreads

We made these flatbreads to use as wraps for a kofta + hummus night. It is kinda similar to  pita bread except there is no air pockets inside so it is the perfect flatbread to use as wraps!

It is really pliable so it won’t break when you try to roll it. It is quite easy to make and cooking is quick, you just cook it on a grill or a big pan. I am still working on the kofta and hummus recipes but I will post these as soon as it is ready.

Greek inspired flatbreads (8 pieces) :

  • 1 packet instant yeast
  • 1 tsp white sugar
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 125ml milk
  • 160ml water
  • 400g flour

Warm water and milk in the microwave or in a pot. Add it to a big bowl.

add yeast, salt, oil, sugar and 1/3 of the flour. Mix until you get a sticky mixture.

Then add flour slowly, mixing as you go. When a ball forms, transfer the dough to a working surface and knead while adding flour until you get a soft dough, it will stick a little bit to  your hands but should not leave dough on your fingers.

Put it in a big bowl, cover with a clean tower and let it sit for 1h30.

Divide the dough in 8 pieces. Roll it finely with a rolling pin.

Heat a grill or a big pan with no added fat on medium heat.

When the pan is hot, put one piece of bread let it cook 2 minutes on one side. Flip it and let it cook 1 more minute.

Put it aside on a big plate and cover with a towel.

Repeat until all flatbreads are cooked.

Eat it the day you make it or it will dry a little bit.

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