El pico de gallo, Latin America in your plate, Lyon 7

El pico de gallo, Latin America in your plate, Lyon 7

Are you looking for a place to eat with your tribe and you really want it to be good? I got what you need! We tried El pico de gallo recently and loved it. Let me show you what we got :

To try a little bit of everything we picked a surf&turf and a veggy plate.

Here is my deliciously creamy avocado being cut… YUMMY.

The veggie plate was pretty generous with a garlicky chimichurri, 2 slices of eggplants sandwiched together with a little bit of cheese melting in the middle, some salad, the pico de gallo sauce and some sweet potato fries. I love it. Ask it without the sour cream sauce + without cheese and you got yourself a vegan option.

The surf&turf was my favorite. Chicken with pineapple, I love it! And octopus, can’t resist it either. Everything is well seasoned and tasty. The sweet potato fries are delicious. And we got an extra arepa because I never tried it and it was great to taste it there.

Well, I’d say we enjoyed what we got! It is nourishing, delicious and it changes from the same old burger we usually get on friday nights! Here, at La Commune  there are a lot of seated area if you’re coming with your tribe and it is a food court so everyone pick its dinner.

Address :
3 rue du Pré-Gaudry
69007 Lyon

If you decide to give it a try, please tell them you read my post! 🙂