Le tajine de Yemma, Lyon 7

Le tajine de Yemma, Lyon 7

This is the story of me falling in love with tajines. I dream about it at night and I am not even kidding. We ate there 2 weeks ago and I still rave about it on a regular basis. So I’m obviously going to tell you all about it!

Let’s start by talking about Hassan, the chef behind this concept in La Commune. Smiling, full of humour and a great cook, he cooks seasonal fresh produces in a traditional way paying tribute to the mediterranean cuisine. And he does it so well!

From what I understood, there is only one choice of meal but it changes regularly. This day, we had to the chance to try the chicken tajine with grilled almonds, apricots and dried prunes, served over raisins couscous. AND OH MY LORD. Explosion of flavors in my mouth, I love it. The sauce was delightful, the chicken melting in the mouth. FOR 13€. Man… You can’t do better!

For 5€ you can have an assortment of 3 oriental desserts. A makroud, an almond samsa and a pistachio baklava. I don’t usually like very sweet desserts but I thought these ones were pretty well balanced. It really ends the experience perfectly.

No need to rave about it more I think. I love it, go try it, I am going back very soon. I’ll add pictures on the post!

Address :
3 rue du Pré-Gaudry
69007 Lyon

Tell him you’re coming because you saw my post! 😉