Delicatessen, Lyon's american meat heaven!

Delicatessen, Lyon's american meat heaven!

After getting through the door and the thick curtain, you are in for a fun ride! Surrounded by very noble materials, everything feels cozy. We sat at the owner Brice Fournier’s table and chatted a bit about his concept. True to the character I was picturing him in : rough but so nice!

He wanted to recreate a place where american cuisine is well represented, not unecessary fancy things, generous food and homy atmosphere. Everything is serve in a tray here, there is no such thing as a plate and everyone shares! You eat with your fingers, laugh and drink good beers. Everything (or almost) is homemade, even the bread sometimes.

They’ll soon open a new one in a bigger place where we’ll be able to eat with our tribe of friends, we can’t wait. We really had a wonderful evening, shall I show you what we ate?

For starters : peanuts and beers. The beer selection is pretty wide, german, polish, czech…

Then you go to the counter. There is the meat display, you choose what you want, they put it on a tray and you pay by the weight.

As you can see, the choice is hard! Everything makes me drool. We got a tray with a little bit of each to share. + a side of the best mac’n’cheese I’ve ever tasted and a light and delicious potato salad to wipe all that fatty goodness.

Top left corner : beef brisket marinated in coke, dark beer and Sichuan pepper. The meat so tender and flavorful, I loved it!
Bottom left corner is maple pulled pork.
On the right, a BBQ & chili chicken.
Bottom right corner : pork racks caramelized with coke, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. This was my husband’s favorite.
Top right corner : ribs, the specialty of the place, with honey and homemade BBQ sauce.
And then MY favorite : the sausage cooked in a balsamic vinegar reduction. So original and the taste was incredible.

After inhaling almost two pounds of meat for 2, we were pretty much in a food coma but how could you possibly resist a (very) generous slice of carrot cake? Spoiler : you can’t.

The frosting was generous, the spices amazing… Best carrot cake ever.

And here is one of the two mascots of the restaurant… She was quite content to sit under my daughter’s chair waiting for pieces of meat to drop on the floor.

I HIGHLY recommend you try this place if in Lyon, the experience, the quality of the ingredients and the cozy atmosphere are all making up for a nice evening.

**Address : **
38 Rue de l’Arbre Sec
69001 Lyon