Piada food, the italian street food HQ in Lyon

Piada food, the italian street food HQ in Lyon

So we might start with a basic question : what’s a piadina? It is a traditional food from the Romagna region. Flat bread filled with either sweet or savory ingredients, eaten in the street. Traditionally, it was cooked on hot terra-cotta but now it’s more on plancha.

I’ve never seen piada in restaurants here in Lyon before and I was thrilled to discover [Piada Food](http://piadafood.com/), it is on the 3rd floor of the Confluence Mall. Arthur, the owner, is a sweetheart and will gladly offer advice on which piadina you should eat.

The place is bright, colorful and there is a wonderful plant wall that my daughter would have loved to take home! You just feel good there. There is not a lot of seated places so come early if you want to get one!

What do we eat ? Let’s have a tour!

We started by sharing a traditional piadina the « Grande classico » (8€) with parma ham, arugula and squacquerone cheese. It is very simple but tasty. That ham was so good! I know it doesn’t look like much, and I’m a pretty big eater, but it is very filling! The quality/price ratio is astonishing.

We also shared the recipe created specially for the restaurant by the famous french chef Christian Têtedoie. It is made with truffled ham, squacquerone cheese, arugula, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes (8€). A real delight. The greens lighten it up a bit and the cheese is deliciously melted. It is their best seller! And it is not a big surprise to me, it is THAT good.

For 9,90€, you can have a drink and a piadina. I was THRILLED to see they are selling Galvanina drinks (I worked with them here). They also have a big choice of San Pellegrino water, you’ll find something you like. We had a pomegranate Galvanina and a blood orange one. Nothing to add, those sodas are a must.

It was so filling that we skipped dessert… But I saw they had pistachio cheesecake on the menu so I’ll have to come back for this one… 😉

I highly recommend this place for 2 main reasons : 1) cool and original, this place is a breath of fresh air in Confluence, 2) cheap, filling, delicious!

**Address : **
C. Cial Confluence
112 cours Charlemagne
69002 Lyon