What to do in Aix-les-bains for a week-end?

What to do in Aix-les-bains for a week-end?

We really loved our time in Aix-les-bains, it was a first time for us. We are just 1h30 far by train and the tickets weren’t that expensive. Small town with a very family-like atmosphere, people are nice and commodities are perfect.

Before starting on the activity list, here is the link of the Airbnb we rented. It was a cute little flat, not too far from the center (10 minutes walk and 15-20 minutes walk from the train station).

The market

Get your suitcases full of Savoie terroir products at the market (every Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00pm) on the Clémenceau place! You’ll find great sausages, cheeses, insects grown locally and a lot of other delicious stuffs!

Rent bikes to stroll around the lake

The cheaper renter we found was Ondéa. For 7€/day, it is a real deal! There are a lot of itineraries available on internet, you’ll find something you like. There is a great bike path around the lake.

Enjoy the lake

For 20€/hour, you can [rent a pedal boat](http://nautisaix.fr) and stroll on the lake. You’ll enjoy the calm of the water and the view of the mountains. They have pedal boat for 4 to 6 people.

Just beside the pedal boat stand, there is a little beach, make the most of your trip there and dip yourself in. If you walk a good 45 minutes east, you’ll get to another pretty beach.

Go get a brunch at La Balançoire

The brunch offer is a sweet sweet deal, for 20€/person, you’ll get bread, spreads, drinks, egg, bacon, butter, cheese, pancakes… A lot of things to eat and enjoy. They have a beautiful deck outside if you want to side in the sun. And look at the size of the cookies, somebody was pretty thrilled.

Walk along the Sierroz

For a nice walk shaded by trees, walk along the Sierroz which flows into the Bourget lake. It is cool and very cute. You’ll get near campings and will be able to go up the esplanade crossing many stands to eat or drink something on your way.

Eat artisan ice cream on the Market place

Every night, trucks come to the market place to sell their sweet frozen treats. We loved the ice creams sold by a white truck parked just at the corner of the place. 1,10€ for a scoop is so cheap we couldn’t resist. You HAVE to try the peanut flavor and coconut too, so so good.

If you have the chance, go visit Aix-les-bains, we really had a good time there and it is family-friendly. There are a lot of cute things to see and fun things to do around too but staying only 3 days we didn’t get the chance so that means we have to come back 😉