Labneh, lebanese homemade cheese

Homemade cheese experience, why not? I told myself scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago. Then here I went, a week later trying some Labneh recipes, a cheese you can find a lot in Syria and Lebanon. I made the 24h version which gives a very thick cheese, it was heaven to dip bread and […]

Baked feta with tomatoes and olives

Do you have a potluck coming? I got you covered : heartwarming, delicious and rather light. Put this dish in the center of the table and watch everyone making their toasts with cheese, olives and tomatoes. So good. It is better when served hot so serve immediately after baking for a soft and gooey feta. […]

Bacon deviled eggs

Picnic season is in full swing so why not have fun with bacon deviled eggs? A very easy and simple starter that will please a crowd! Get your whoa factor up the roof with a fancy piping job and a little garnish of bacon and fresh chives. Boom, a work of art – words from […]

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