Colorful heirloom tomatoes salad

Salade de tomates colorées

What a joy for my heart to eat such colorful tomatoes! It is as pretty as it is delicious. This salad and little bread, some grilled fish and we’re set for a summer feast. This is such a simple salad I’m just really showing off this shots I’m proud of! A nicely plated tomatoes salad. […]

Watermelon feta salad

A refreshing salad to cope with the summer heat! When evening comes I am not that hungry and I want to eat something fresh and light! So this watermelon and feta salad is the perfect match. I also like big green salads with canned tuna, avocado and raw veggies! What are your favorite summer salads? […]

Labneh, lebanese homemade cheese

Homemade cheese experience, why not? I told myself scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago. Then here I went, a week later trying some Labneh recipes, a cheese you can find a lot in Syria and Lebanon. I made the 24h version which gives a very thick cheese, it was heaven to dip bread and […]

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