Baby update : 2 weeks

Baby update : 2 weeks

It has been two weeks since our little bundle of joy Luyana is here with us. Time is flying by but nights are short.

This little girl sleeps all day and is partying all night. I slept 9 hours per night before having this little creature. Trust me, this is hard for me. I hardly survive.
At night she likes to cuddle on Daddy’s belly, if you put her in her crib, she screams until you come pick her up. Haaa.

I was breastfeeding until a few days ago but it is really painful for me so I decided to pump my milk and I give her bottle of my breast milk. It is going good so far. She now weights 3,150kg.

She gave us her first little smiles while she slept. And she loves to make ugly faces. (I do the same, I can’t blame her, she’s too cute).

I stare at her all day, I just I’m amazed by how beautiful she is, how graceful. But that’s my daughter, so I’m not really neutral right here. She’s changing so fast.

We bought a baby carrier and she’s so comfy in it, she loves it.

I don’t know how often these updates will be up online but I think I’ll do a monthly update ! We’ll see.

She’s napping so I might take advantage of it and nap too… Bye !