Pregnancy update : 24 weeks

Pregnancy update : 24 weeks

We made it to the sixth month of this pregnancy. Time is flying by !
Baby weighs 811g and is now the length of a corn cob. She is still moving constantly !

As we planned, we did our 6 months check-up on Thursday and good news, baby is in the good position, head down and toes up. It explains why I was feeling rough kicks in my ribs lately.

Talking about that, I am so ticklish it is hard not to die why she stucks her feet under my ribs and give lots of little kicks.

I got quite a lot of contractions this past week and on Monday it have been quite painful so I talked about that with my doctor. He checked my cervix and said everything was fine, I should only worry if they were very regular and very painful. He gave me some magnesium to help with that anyway.

Since my last appointment, I gained 0,700G which leads me to +3,7kgs. Doc was happy, so did I, everything is ok.

At the end of the month, I’ll meet the doctor that will help with giving birth. So scared.

No new stretch-marks and my belly button is still in, yay.

We planned a trip to my mother’s house late April but I just got a new job this week so it is not gonna be possible for me to go there. I am so disappointed. I didn’t see her since Novembre and wont see her until probably July or August, after delivering our little Pumpkin. I get touchy about that and hormones don’t help, I cry more than I did this past weeks.

BUT in a few months, we’ll get to see her tiny face and that keeps me motivated !

See you next week !