Pregnancy update : 26 weeks

Pregnancy update : 26 weeks

26 weeks yet ? Is this even real ?
Baby is kicking way too much my belly and is too heavy for my poor back.

I feel like those 26 past weeks have flown by but I am so impatient to meet my daughter !

I met the doctor who’s gonna have his head close to my vagina during delivery and BOY I feel so much better. He is almost OK with everything I asked for in my birth plan (I’ll talk to you about that later).

He made some not so good jokes. But he is kind. And old. It’s a man. I mean, I love that it is a man. I don’t know why.

We got to see our tiny little pumpkin on screen for like 2 minutes but I was so happy. Crazy to see her moving inside of me.

My blood test’s result came back and I have to supplement myself with iron, I have not enough of it.

I’m +4,4kg since the beginning, no more stretch marks, no linea negra and belly button is still in. That’s pretty perfect to me.

Guys, I had my first balneotherapy course yesterday. I didn’t know it was like group class. There were a lot of old men and women and I wondered if I was in the right pool aah.

Anyway, that was really nice but painful. The doctor massaged my back and made me stretch and exercice in water, that was nice because I didn’t felt so heavy as I do when I’m not in water, it was really easy to move and stretch. I liked it.

I have tons of paperwork to do for my baby girl and I am so NOT motivated. I hate it. My mother is coming for 4 days early May so she’ll help getting through that if it’s not done by then. I hope it will. I procrastinate a whole lot.

This post is pretty long so I’ll see you next week !

PS : I went crazy when I got out of the doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I bought a few little thingys for my little Pumpkin. Aren’t they cute ? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER IN THOSE OUTFITS.