Baby update : 2 months

Baby update : 2 months

That little girl was still in my belly 8 weeks ago. Time is flying by.

She’s now 4,700kg and 55cm, she grows well.

She is a ball of energy. Put her on her belly on a cover and she’ll litterally crawl until she reaches the floor. She even rolled from back to tummy. Little ball of neuves. Yes.
She makes adorable noises but she doesn’t want to smile (to me, in fact, she’s smiling to her Dad a lot).

We started to figure out what her sleep schedule was, she’s now only waking up once at night. She drinks her last bottle around 9 or 10pm and she sleeps all the way to 3am. I sleep a little bit better and I’m a little more productive during the day. (She did me a favor and slept 11pm-5am, I was over the moon.)

She’s drinking 7 to 8 bottles of 100ml breastmilk a day which is apparently very good. I pump my milk every 3 to 4 hours, it’s tiring but I have enough milk to feed her so I carry on !

Colics are still here and are a pain if you ask me. Even though, now, we found things that help relieve her pain a little. THAT’S HARD.
This month, reflux appeared. This one is not an easy one either. It is « normal », nothing to be alarmed of buuuut. She regurgitates a whole lot and she cries because it hurts… (she cried a 2pm-11pm non-stop the other day because it burned her throat, nice. Patience. I am cultivating patience).

We got our maternity photo book (where she cries on almost every pictures), sweet souvenirs. She has changed so much yet. She’s now having delightful chubby cheeks.

I am doing better. I can definitely walk for a long period of time without feeling like my organs are moving places in inside of me. I go out with my baby a lot because I tend to get mad if I stay at home alone with her for 2 days straight. I see my friends and have some good time. She loves to be in her stroller so, no prob.

I’m visiting my mon for a week at the end of August. Alone. Because my husband has no holidays. Grandma is going to care about the baby and I am going to have some rest and some me-time.

See you next month !