How I feed my family for less than 40€/week #2

How I feed my family for less than 40€/week #2

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Last week’s post has been a hit apparently. A lot of you are looking for ideas to vary dinner time so I did it again this week. Wanna know how I feed my family of 3 for less than 40€ a week? Keep reading.

For breakfast, I tried making a brioche, it was a DISASTER. It tasted nothing like brioche but more like a dry bread, we ate it anyway because no waste. The rest of the week, we add either eggs (left from last week) or cereals.

For lunch, you can read here how we generally process. Some things are on the list and don’t appear in the dinner section because we have it for lunch. For instance this week, we also had a mixed salad Saturday for lunch (hence the x2 mozzarella).

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Snacks are fruits and/or yogurts!

Now for dinner, you’ll find everything detailed below. The grocery list includes everything I used to make breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 7 days! I generally leave a day or two where I don’t really plan because we could be eating outside or be invited to a friend’s house. If we happen to stay home, I’ll make something out of everything that is left in the fridge : a quiche or a stir fry usually does the trick.

If you have a larger family, adapt the quantity of food on the list! But keep in mind that most recipes I make serve 4.


**Grocery list :
***NB : when the price is 0,00€, it is leftover from last week
Chicken thighs (1kg) : 3,09€
Ham (4 slices) : 1,45€
Smoked bacon : 0,99€
Eggs x10 : 0,00€
Canned tuna x2 : 2,29€
Green olives : 1,79€
Tomato purée : 0,39€
Asparagus : 2,00€
Tomatoes x4 (468g) : 0,56€
Lettuce : 1,20€
Cucumber : 0,80€
Canned corn : 0,45€
Pickles : 1,09€
Canned pineapple slices : 1,19€
Apples x3 (500g) : 0,91€
Bananas (1kg) : 1,65€
Yogurts x12 : 2,39€
Grated cheese : 1,25€
Mozzarella x2 : 1,10€
Sour cream : 1,09€
Butter : 1,27€
Pasta (500g) : 0,42€
Sushi rice : 0,00€
Nori : 0,00€
Bread : 0,69€
TOTAL : 28,06€

Monday : Hawaiian pizza + lettuce
For the pizza dough, I used this recipe. Then tomato purée, sour cream, gruyere, pineapple and ham.

Tuesday : Mixed salad
Lettuce, cucumber, mozzarella, pickles, olives, corn and bread!

Wednesday : Pasta alla carbonara + asparagus
With an egg yolk on top of the pasta and lots of cheese. For the asparagus, I used this recipe, I used parmesan instead of gruyère.

Thursday : Tuna and cucumber sushi rolls
Nori don’t keep really long when the package is open so we had to use it! I had some sushi rice left so I made canned tuna+mayonnaise sushi roll. Easy, cheap and filling!

Friday : BBQ at our friend’s house

Saturday : Fast food take out

Sunday : Chicken cari (recipe)
Served with rice and beans.

There you go! An entire week of eating (pretty clean) for less than 40€. Let me know what you guys think!