Baby update : one year

Baby update : one year

One year

You turned 1 a few days ago. It’s been a year you came into our life and changed it for the better.

You still have only 2 teeth (it’s been 4 months now) but your 2 top front are coming out while I write this post.

You are not walking on your own yet but you walk through the entire house holding furnitures, you tried a few steps here and there and it makes you laugh so hard.

Your sleep is getting better and better. You wake a few times a night but most nights now you sleep through the entire night. You like to cuddle in mama’s bed when you wake up.


You say « Mama », « Papa », « coucou » (hi) and « encore » (more in french). You sign « all done » and « more » when you want to. In english, you understand very well what I tell you and you say « tickle tickle » while tickling our neck.

You love eating and you eat everything. You’d eat all day if I’d let you. You love ham, pasta and all fruits.

Your personality has developed so much and girl, you know what you want. If I say no, you throw yourself on the floor and scream. If you want me to carry you and I can’t, you scream and if I take too long to come you’ll cry so hard you throw up. You’re so sweet but so tyrannical. I love you so, even when you’re hard on me, even when you make me wanna quit this mama job. But sometimes, you’ll sleep through the night and I’ll forget about it all.

Your belly laugh, your waddling walk, your « mama » and « papa », your soft hug and droopy kisses ; I wouldn’t have it any other way. What a blessing to see you grow each day and becoming an independent little girl.

What an adventure to be your Mom…

Mon tout petit trésor

*And to think you’ve once been this tiny, you were 24 hours old. *