Baby update : 5 months

Time is flying by ! Here’s my little pumpkin taking her first swim in the Indian Ocean at 4 months !

I didn’t update you for her 4th month but we were on holidays and I got lazy I admit. But I’m back with tons of stuff for y’all.

This little girl weighs 6,560kg and is 63cm. She’s teething and is not exclusively breastfed anymore.

During the holidays, it has been difficult to pump my milk as regularly as I do at home so my milk supply decreased a lot and I had to give her some complement because she was hungry. She still drinks my milk everyday but not for all the bottles. She doesn’t seem to care but her poops are horrible. Green and smell like hell if you want details. Ewwww.

Her gums are tickling her since she’s three months old so not very different but still no teeth to be found.

She’s laughing. Like a real laugh. Too cute to handle. But she’s also crying a lot more than before. Her personality starts to show and it is nice to see she’s growing and developing well.

She almost sits alone so it is just a matter of days until she can do it on her own.

We saw our pediatrician who said we could start introducing her to vegetables because she has a lot of reflux and gaz which makes her tummy hurt. We started with carrots and she seemed to enjoy it.

We are happy to be home in the end, we are trying to put Luyana back in her pre-holidays routine because with all these changes she doesn’t want to nap throughout the day and doesn’t sleep through the night anymore. She’s exhausted and fussy…

We’ll see you soon !