Peas, mint and feta fritters

Peas, mint and feta fritters

Summer is coming our way! And with it, its high temperatures. I’ll crave fresh food more than anything else. I’m basically able to live of watermelon during summer. Those fritters are ideal for a summer lunch! I love their minty taste, it’s moist and crunchy, really I love this recipe.

If you like little bite size lunch, I made crab cakes a few weeks ago.

The greek yogurt-green onion sauce really adds to the freshness of the dish. I made mine quite sour because I love lemon but you can add less if you’re not a fan of sourness.

We’re going to Toulon, south of France, at the end of the month and I look forward to it BIG TIME. If you’ve ever been there and have some places I have to see, let me know!

Peas, mint and feta fritters (6 fritters) :

  • 300g peas
  • 65g feta cheese
  • 15g mint
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g flour
  • 1 greek yogurt
  • 1/4 lemon
  • Green onions
  • Salt and pepper

Cook the peas in salted boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain and mash with a fork.

In a bowl, mix the eggs, flour, mint (finely chopped), crumbled feta cheese and season. Add peas, mix.

Heat a pan with vegetable oil, shape your fritters and fry for 4-5 minutes on each side.

For the sauce, chop green onions finely. Add yogourt, add lemon juice, season, mix and done!