8 foods to try in Strasbourg, France


A list of typical food you don’t want to miss if you go to Strasbourg (or anywhere in Elsass)!



Don’t even think about going in Elsass without eating one (or twelve) bretzel. Soft and fluffy goodness. Choose it salted or with cheese (absolutely genius).



Kinda like a soup/stew with 3 types of meat (lamb, beef and pork) and vegetables. Rich, comfy and the meat is tender. I loved it!

**Flame-grilled tart (Flammkuchen) **


Here again, dozens of variety to choose from. The typical one is sour cream, bacon and onions. It is a very thin dough grilled in a wood oven. Perfect as a started to share. Lots of restaurants offer an all you can eat menu, tried it and loved it at Le Thomasien in La Petite France.



This was the best choucroute I’ve eaten. Basically it is sauerkraut with meat and potatoes. The restaurant is Chez Yvonne but I’ll make a whole post on it because it is worth it!

Coq au riesling


A cockerel cooked in a Riesling sauce (local wine). So tender and flavorful. Served with spätzles Chez Yvonne too, I’ll tell you more about that soon.



Riesling, gewurtzraminer… Delicious local wines! Not too strong and goes well with local dishes.



Sweet cake with raisins. You also find savory versions with bacon in it, yum.

Burgers at Café Bâle


Nothing typical here but this little restaurant in rue d’Austerlitz is the cutest. Well designed, not too pricey and the burgers are so so good (and pretty big as you can tell).

I can say I stuffed my belly real hard on this trip! I’ll write a post on activities and places to see soon, stay tuned!

Until then, see ya!