10 foods to try in Napoli

10 foods to try in Napoli

Buongiorno! A small (non-exhaustive) list of foods to try when in Napoli!

Before you take off, just know Napoli has a bad reputation. It is not the safest city of Europe so if you're eating or drinking outside of a restaurant, pay attention to the surroundings and your belongings. Lots of pick pockets unfortunately. Don't let yourself trapped by street vendors who sell GUCCI (or so they say) bags for 20€, you'll pay a big fine at the airport if you get caught.

Neapolitans speak a bit of English in general and when it is not the case, we always find a way to be understood by showing what we want on the menu or speaking with our hands! They also often have a translation app on their phones and it helps greatly.

The city is quite filthy. Sideways paved with trash, it is so sad. I loved the food and the people but the city in itself, a little less. But it was a great experience and I'll go back for pizza!

1) Pizzas

Napoli, epicenter of pizza, it would be a shame (and almost impossible) not to eat a delicious Margherita or Diavola. Or even a Quattro Formaggi. Everything lies into them mastering the crust like no one else and the use of incredibly tasty ingredients (DOP mozzarella, Vesuvius tomatoes...). I ate the best Margherita of my life for 4,5€. Yet again a reason not to resist. There are a lot of "hype" places to eat good pizzas like Sorbilla or Di Matteo. We absolutely loved O'surdato Nnammurato, which was just outside our Airbnb. Pizzas are good in general here so if you don't feel like queueing, just go somewhere else you'll find something satisfying I'm sure.

2) Pasta

No need to write a novel I guess. Must try : pasta alla carbonara and pasta with vesuvius tomatoes. Simplicity at its best, so so good. We liked the Scugnizzo trattoria, which was not far from our place. Pasta dishes rank betweet 5 and 8€, pizzas between 4 and 9€.

3) Deep fried pizza

What shall I say? A greasy gem! It is like a long calzone with ricotta, prosciutto and mozzarella in it generally. Deep fried in canola oil. Eat while wandering the streets of Napoli for an even better experience. You'll find the best at Sorbillo for about 4€ each.

4) Sfogliatelle

Puff pastries filled with a ricotta cream, eaten warm and fresh out of the oven. It is kinda disconcerting at the first bite because it tastes cheesy when you're ready for something very sweet but it is so good. They sell it everywhere for 0,50cts to 2€ depending on how close you are to the centro istorico (and therefore the tourists).

5) Rum baba

This is definitely not my favorite. But because it is one of Napoli's star food, I couldn't not try it. You'll find it in every pasticcerias. The one I ate was not that great so I'm not sharing the address for this one but you'll find a good one, I'm sure.

6) Limoncello

After a good meal in a trattoria, get yourself a shot of limoncello to help you digest! It is a lemon liquor. Bring some in your suitcase for your friends!

7) I fritti

This term gathers everything fried they eat as antipasti or for snacks : from the eggplants or zucchini fritters to the arancini. Some street food stands make corneto of fritti for 5 to 7€. Easy to eat on the go, perfect snack!

8) Mozzarella di buffala (DOP)

While wandering the streets, you'll find a lot of small shops selling the marvelous mozzarella di buffala (DOP). Much firmer than what we are used to, it is also more acidic. So good.

9) Gelato

Yes we went to Napoli in February, it was not that warm but there is no season for good ice cream. Get a scoop of the nocciola (hazelnuts) flavor, it's my favorite! No picture because I didn't have time, too good to wait!

10) Ristretto

Let's start by saying that I don't ever drink coffee. But this one...! Bitter as hell, the thickest I've seen. It's crazy. Try it for a true neapolitan experience. In every caffe, everywhere, at any time of the day or night.

Have you been to Napoli before? What was your favorite food?