Homemade piña colada

Homemade piña colada

Are you team mojito or piña colada? I have to admit I'm both! But I had never tried making it at home before, now it's done and it's so so good. Summer in a glass!

If you don't like/have aged amber rum, just use regular white rum. Aged rum gives it a deeper flavor though! Go hard on the ice cubes, in the blender and in the glasses. It's way better when super cold!

If you make it in advance, stir it well before serving it in glasses because the coconut milk will separate from the rest!

Piña colada (serves 4) :

  • 15cl white rum
  • 6cl aged amber rum
  • 50cl pineapple juice
  • 20cl coconut milk
  • Ice cubes

Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend with icecubes until smooth.

Serve in a big glass full of ice cubes.