La ferme Saint-Jacques, Châtellerault, France

La ferme Saint-Jacques, Châtellerault, France

This our fave "date night" spot when we visit my mom. She babysits our daughter and we escape to La ferme Saint-Jacques for dinner, we're never disappointed and we know we're going to spend a nice evening!

We went twice this time because I took my mom and daughter there for lunch so I have a bunch of photos to share with you.  

Could she be any cuter?

The decor is farm style, it's warm and cozy. They're specialized in rotisserie cuisine and they do it so well.

Let's start with our date night, we got the starter+main+dessert combo for 34€.

While waiting for our starters, they brought us appetizers. The salmon ceviche was so so good and refreshing.

I picked the tomato, truffle and burrata starter. Couldn't taste the truffle at all unfortunately! But overall it was okay, just simpler than what I expected I guess.

My husband got the sea bram ceviche, I regretted not getting the same thing! It was zesty, well balanced and very refreshing.

We both got the roasted lamb as main, served with a cumin sauce. SO GOOD. Crispy skin, tender meat. Incredible.

We got a cheese platter (delicious!) and a dessert so we could have a taste of everything.

The dessert was poached apricots with an almond milk cake. The cake was surprising and so good, light and fluffy. Perfect way to end this meal.

And that concludes our lovely date night, shall I show you what we had for lunch? Let's do it! I think the start+main combo was 16,90€.

The kid's menu costs 12€, it includes a drink, a main and an ice cream dessert. The main is either a beef steak or a fresh fish fillet. It's filling, made with fresh produce and is a nice change from the ever-so-boring fries/nuggets we see everywhere that I try to avoid.  

So, starter for me was a mussel salad with sweet and sour bellpepper. The mousse is made with paprika and red bell pepper, it's so airy and yummy.

My husband got the goat cheese and bacon toast, not very generous but still good.

Then I ordered the grilled trout with avocado and grapefuit. Zesty, fresh, light. It was perfect! Firs time eating cooked avocado for me and not disappointed!

My mom and husband got the pork flank with potatoes and a delicious meat gravy. The meat was tender and juicy, so good.

We were too full for desserts!

Will we come back? Most definitely! The menu isn't updated on the website but you'll get the opening times at least.

Address :
La ferme Saint-Jacques
15 avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy