Winter pizza

Winter pizza

A very colorful and pretty winter pizza, it's loaded with good stuff : goat cheese, mushrooms, bacon, spinach... And more ! I chose a creamy base to avoid buying tomatoes in Fall/Winter.

I was quite generous with the toppings here but it's good ! Add whatever you have on hands, leftovers roasted vegetables, rotisserie chicken... Makes a delicious leftover pizza.

Winter pizza (serves 4-6) :

Homemade pizza dough recipe is right here.

  • 1 onion
  • 200g spinach
  • 100g bacon
  • 125g button mushrooms
  • 100g mozzarella
  • 50g fresh goat cheese
  • 2 tbsp sour cream
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper

Mince the onion. Add a bit of butter to a pan, add the onions, let it cook on very low heat for 30 to 40 minutes with a lid on, stir occasionnally. It's ready when it's golden brown and caramelized.

Preheat the oven at 250°C/480°F.

Chop the garlic. Add a bit of butter, garlic and spinach in a pan. Let it cook on medium heat until the water from the spinach is fully evaporated.

Quarter the mushrooms, chop the garlic. Add it all to a pan with more butter and parsley, cook for a few minutes.

Spread the pizza dough with your hands as thin as possible.

Spread the sour cream on the dough, leave 1cm around the sides.

Add the sliced mozzarella, spinach, caramelized onions, mushrooms and bacon.

Crumble the goat cheese on top.

Bake for 12 minutes at 250°C/480°F.