Authentic Mexican food in Marseille at TA&CO

Authentic Mexican food in Marseille at TA&CO

Very close to the Baille metro stop, there is a small Mexican restaurant worth a visit : TA&CO. After going through the door, you're directly transported to Mexico ! It smells so good, the music is great and the owner has a spanish accent. Exquisite !

Let's talk a little bit about the decor of this place because it's full of small touches that scream Mexico without being kitsch. I loved it !

They also sell some Mexican products so you can stock up and make delicious Mexican meals at home. You can even buy Mexican cola by 4-packs !

All of this is great, but shall we talk about the food (and drinks) ? Because that's mainly why we're here.

I'd highly recommend you start with the tortilla chips and guacamole to share (6,80€). The guacamole is incredible ! They spice it up on demand so you won't have a spicy one if you don't like it hot.

Then for the mains, we tried 3 different things :

The aztec soup : a tomato base, some cheese, avocado, sour cream and cilantro. It's a little spicy, just how I like it. It was so good and very comforting. This dish is on the menu only during Fall and Winter. It's replaced by a ceviche in the Spring and Summer (6,50€).

The chilanga : a large wheat tortilla filled with cheese and the meat of your choice, here some pulled lamb with carrots stewed for a very long time. (8,70€) It was so so good, it melts in the mouth. We loved it !

The traditional tacos : small (wheat or corn) tortillas filled with meat. I asked for 3 different meats because it was hard to pick just one and I'm a littel greedy ! One was pibil chicken, one was lamb (the same as in the chilanga) and one with pulled pork. Hard to pick a favorite ! They were all delicious, with lots of spices and packed with flavors. It was served with an incredible hot sauce, spicy but very refreshing. Soooo good. (10,90€)

And a wall tutorial because why not !

We had an hibiscus agua fresca (2,90€) and a Mexican cola (3,20€) to quench our thirst. I'm a big fan of Coca-cola but I found this one quite delicious. And the packaging is extra cute !

In one word : we highly recommend this place that took us straight to Mexico. In the middle of a pandemic, it made us travel with each bites !

Address :
198 boulevard Baille
13005 Marseille