Roadtrip #1 : Innsbruck, Austria (Day 1)

  Innsbruck is probably the place we went to that I prefered. I mean, I enjoyed this entire roadtrip but there’s something magical about being between mountains on wonderfully warm summer days, wandering around the old city and just enjoying it. We were sleeping at the Olympiaworld Innsbruck. The rooms were spacious and very nice. If […]

Pregnancy update : 31 weeks

Another week comes to an end. As some said before, when you reach the 30th week, it’s all going downhill, aaah. Baby is about 1,5kg and is still moving a lot. I wont talk to you about the feet under my ribs again, you get the point. This week has been a little more calm. […]

L’Entracte – Lyon 7ème, France

We got in this restaurant because it was Saturday night, I didn’t want to cook and it is 1 minute away from our house. It is located in André Bollier street, a tiny quiet street. If you don’t know it’s here, you’ll never come into this tiny street to find somewhere to eat. Unless, like us, […]

Pregnancy update : 30 weeks

In two months and a few days, our baby girl will be there ! CRAZY. She’s the size of a big squash and weights about 1,3kg. I was still on sick leave this week and had to rest as much as I could, so that is basically what I did. I got a lot of […]

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