Pregnancy update : 28 weeks

This week marks the end of the second trimester, baby will be here very soon ! She weighs now a little bit more than a kilo and is about the size of a big papaya. This week, I caught the flu. I would not recommend that when pregnant because I wanted to die the entire […]

Pregnancy update : 27 weeks

Here we are, 27 weeks pregnant. Baby is about 900g by now and is the size of a big papaya. This week has been so loooong, like I felt like it was a month, really. I am exhausted. Wednesday was balneotherapy day (here, if you missed it). I got in the pool for 30 minutes […]

Pregnancy update : 26 weeks


26 weeks yet ? Is this even real ? Baby is kicking way too much my belly and is too heavy for my poor back. I feel like those 26 past weeks have flown by but I am so impatient to meet my daughter ! I met the doctor who’s gonna have his head close […]

Pregnancy update : 25 weeks

This week has been all about paperwork and resting ! I am now 25 weeks pregnant. Baby is measuring about 34cm and is the size of a papaya. Her hands are fully developed ! I have been pretty tired lately so I took my Thursday and Friday off of work to rest and to have […]

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