So excited to share this awesome news with you guys, we are expecting a baby !!!
Considering this, I decided I would add a « Baby » section on my menu to keep you guys updated on how it is going so far.

I took a test on Wednesday (12/31/14) and it was positive. I couldn’t believe it, so I got a blood test on Friday and the result was also positive. I WAS CRAZY HAPPY.
I immediately called my little sister to tell her and she was so happy for us, she told my mom and my other sisters (I do have 4 sisters, yes). I couldn’t call my husband right away because he was at work but we met for lunch and I told him that I was pregnant, he was literally so happy.

(To give you a little bit of context, I had a miscarriage on the 22th October (I was 5 weeks pregnant). It has been really tough emotionally as we were really ecstatic about that baby to come. I was waiting for my period to come back and they never did. I wasn’t really worried about that because I read here and there that it could take time but guess what ? Since a few days, I was having a very rounded belly and some symptoms but really nothing comparing to the first pregnancy where I had heavy nausea, insomnia and like every bad symptoms. So I started to wonder « Am I pregnant again??! » and yes I am! It has been really fast and I’m grateful for that as I was heavily sad and frustrated from the earlier loss.)

I don’t really know how far I am with my pregnancy but considering the blood test result, I am 6 to 7 weeks pregnant. I have my first ultrasound on Wednesday (01/14/15), I hope this tiny little human being is doing ok.

I am craving lemon sparkling water so much, like I am drinking a bottle a day. I have also been craving chocolate on Saturday evening so my husband took me to the grocery store to stock up on some (what a cute husband he is, right?).

I have no big deal symptoms, I just have a serious back pain but I don’t know if it has a link with the pregnancy, I can’t lay down on my back. I feel tired and need to rest quite a bit though. My belly is showing up and it’s crazy considering the fact that I’m just 6 to 7 weeks pregnant ! It is going to be hard to hide until the 3rd month, I feel it.

I didn’t gain much weight yet which is perfect. I’m trying to eat as healthy and balanced as I possibly can.

It is really hard to believe, we are feeling so blessed. I hope this time, we will have the chance to go through the entire pregnancy. I have been reading tons of things on the Internet about pregnancy just after a miscarriage, some were pretty encouraging and some were not. I am trying not to be too stressed about that and will wait until my Dr’s appointment to make sure everything is alright !

We got our ultrasound this morning to know how far we were in this pregnancy. GUESS WHAT ? Something unbelievable just happened. The miscarriage story was just a HUUUUGE mistake and I actually am 4 month pregnant. I FEEL DAMN CRAZY RIGHT NOW. The baby was just there and we didn’t know it.
The doctor started doing the endovaginal ultrasound and said « That’s not a starting pregnancy, this baby is huge! ». So he decided he will do a normal ultrasound. I was lost. Then he just measured it and said « ok so you’re 17 weeks pregnant and you never had any miscarriage. »
WHAT THE ? I couldn’t believe it. I cried the heck out of me when I heard the baby’s heart. This little human being is pretty huge and I now know why I had such a big bump. Truth be told, my husband was pretty sure I didn’t lost the baby and he kept telling me that but I wouldn’t believe him. MISTAKE. Aaah, we’ll be parents in 5 months. Let me just stress this out, FIVE MONTHS. God. Things are going to be quick.