Roadtrip #1 : Vienna, Austria


This post is about the 3 days we spent in Vienna, Austria.

We arrived at Vienna under the rain, it was 3pm on a Sunday. We threw our luggages in the hotel room and got out for an exploration.

We were looking for the city center… We walked, walked, walked and walked again. We finally arrived, 1h15 of walking later. No sport needed, we were done.

I highly recommend that you don’t drive to the city center, the parking is expensive ! (39€ for the day). We got the public transports tickets with illimited travel for 48H and only 13,30€, way better.


First thing I told myself when looking around me was : Man, those buildings are huuuuge. Everything is beautiful but absolutely gigantic. You feel so small. Or, I did.




To make the most of our trip for a relatively cheap cost, we bought the Sisi Ticket for 25€. It allows you to visit plenty of museums, the Hofburh and the Schönbrunn castle.


The Hofburg is really interesting, there is a lot to see, so plan some time to do it. At least 3 hours I’d say. We went there pretty late and didn’t have time to see it all before it closed.



The visit of Schönbrunn’s castle lasts about an hour, there is audioguides available in many different languages and it costs nothing. It was nice to see the inside and how people used to live there. If you can, come early because there is A TON of people, it is quickly crowded.

You are not allowed to take photos inside, so here’s all I can show you.


In front of the Rathaus, there was a movie festival. I did quite a lot of photos of what we ate there, I’ll do a separate article about that soon (hopefully because my 6 months old is driving me CRAYYYZY at the moment. NO sleep. Never.)


For lunch, we kinda ate where we wanted. We tried the McDonald’s to see if they had things we hadn’t test and yes there was !


A chicken burger similar to what you can find in KFC. Very good and the chicken is not deep fried so a bit healthier.


A beef and bacon sandwich that was pretty tasty ! I don’t know if it’s the case everywhere in Austria BUT there’s not potatoes wedges in here, only fries. And you have to pay an extra 0,40cts for each sauce you want. Something nice (they start to do it in France to now) is that a waitress come and take your plate off when you’re done.

King size pizza for 1€ each : tuna, onion, tomatoes and a garlicy sauce with tabasco. That was a huge hit !


Cheese and bread because this is my life.



Talking about cheese, while wandering in the street we found this… Beautiful and mouthwatering I must say.


We didn’t ONLY eat we also drink ! This sparkling water is the best EVER. I drank it everyday while we were in Austria.


Elderberry flower flavored fanta, not bad !


And a Wiener melange (a typical coffee) in a very nice coffee shop.


Every night there was a movie (or concert) on the giant screen.


I’ll see you really soon for the festival based article. It will mostly be food let’s face it. You know me oh so well. Baby is crying. Bye.