Roadtrip #1 : Movie festival, Vienna

Roadtrip #1 : Movie festival, Vienna

Here is the article about the different food trucks that provide food during the movie festival of Vienna. I didn’t try EVERYTHING obviously but we had quite a few things. There was a lot of trucks… India, german, austrian, spanish, french food…etc.

In order to taste more dishes, I asked when it was possible to have half of portion of one thing and half a portion of another thing for the same price.

Beef stir fry with bell pepper and shrimps stir fry with bell pepper, served with rice (8,90€). It was spicy and delicious !

Sauerkraut (I’m addicted) ! With a knödel (which is pretty much the same thing as a quenelle). Very good.

Grilled salt and pepper squid, served with potatoes and spinach. Best dish EVER. The squids are cooked right in front of you and are oh so tender…

Cheese spätzle and spinach spätzle (7,90€).

I preferred those with spinach because it was way creamier. The cheesy one were a little bit dry but good too.

I forgot the name but these are viennese pasta with ham and cheese. Not bad at all!

And I will leave you with a sweet treat. The « Isabelle » waffle. Banana, whipped cream and caramel. As good as it looks. PERFECT.

Next time I’ll see you, we’ll be talking about Praha. 😉