3 cafes to try in Krakow

3 cafes to try in Krakow

Polish are huge coffee drinker, night and day the same. It is not unusual to see them enjoying a big latte at 10pm. So Krakow is full of cute cafes and cake shops, here are three you don’t want to miss :

**Green Times **

Located in Kazimierz, the jewish side of the city, this is a small cake shop but so cute and nice. Prices are reasonable, pastries are tasty and music is good! Here is a few pictures :

I asked if they had any kind of tea because I had a sore throat and she told me they only did a herbal with lemon, cloves, cinnamon and orange. It was so good! And with what I needed to fight this soreness. It was served in a bowl bigger than my head, I loved it!

Now this tartlet was something else… Raspberries and passion fruit, tangy and rich. We also had a smoothie and a coffee. All of that for 8€ was a pretty good deal. They also make cupcakes, cookies… You’ll find something you like for sure!

Bobo café

This one was a bit more expensive because it is located inside the mall but it was an interesting concept! Garden spirit everywhere, from the gardening like cabins to the plants everywhere, mint on the table…etc.

Their polish cheesecake was great, my daughter devoured it!

Moja cafe

My favorite! We went there twice to have breakfast. It goes in the cafes category because it offers a lot of pastries and well… Coffees!

It is super kid-friendly, they lent puzzles and coloring books to my 2 year-old. Dishes are generous and delicious. We waited quite a bit but it was worth it.

They make burgers, sandwiches, various healthy offers… It is a good one, I tell you!

I’m working on a complete city guide to give you tips and ideas on what to do, where to eat, what to expect…Etc!

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